Tuesday, 10 September 2019

How to Find a New Pattern for Your Flooring

As the last quarter of this year approaches, you could be on the lookout for a brand new start. You do not need to wait until January to refresh the look of your home. Look no further than your floors . How dinged up and damaged are they? Or is it just that the pattern doesn't excite you anymore? Here's how to locate a new one which strikes your fancy rather.

Choosing Vertical or Horizontal

The first decision you want to make is if you want a flat pattern or vertical one instead. Straight flooring has become the most frequent and the simplest to install. This usually means that the boards are laid down side-by-side. It comes down to how long and how wide your floors are, along with the measurements of the room. Whether you want a traditional design or something more modern, you can make both happen as you desire.

Mixing It Up

Random patterns can also add visual interest. This is a really good reason you should consider it, particularly if the old patterns look rather tame or dull. Random flooringpatterns utilize floorboards of different lengths and sizes instead of using all the same size. One way to let your imagination run wild is to opt for these patterns for the next purchase of hardwood flooring.

Angled Looks

On some occasions, you may be fighting for inspiration. One solution is to ask neighbors and friends
about how their expertise with replacing their hardwood flooring went. Another concept is to play about with angled appearances worked in to your new floors. All these patterns are diagonal and at put down at 45-degree angles. In case you have a little room, then it's possible to make it feel larger by choosing this particular design.

Parquet and Herringbone

Parquet and herringbone patterns are also viable. They are timeless and add some flair to your floors. It can make a room feel a whole lot more elegant than previously.

Hardwood Flooring Sanding and Care in Floor Sanding Yeading

At Floor Sanding Yeading our dedication to quality installment is evident in all that we do, and that explains precisely why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top contractors in the region. If you are ready to talk with someone about your hardwood floors project, we would like to hear from you! Contact us at 020 8099 8520 or send us a message.

Thursday, 27 September 2018


When picking hardwood flooring to their homes, most people generally tend to go for conventional varieties like white or red oak, walnut, or cherry. Whilst it is a fact that these species are all extremely hardwearing and durable, and are available in many distinct colors and textures; your house could really benefit if you tried something new and unique.

There are estimated to be approximately 100,000 species of trees in the world at present, but obviously only a few hundred of these are acceptable for producing hardwood flooring. The following are a Couple of unusual species that are increasingly gaining popularity:

Rosewood -- This is an extremely beautiful, hard and durable species, also known for its decorative features and applications. In terms of colour, you can expect anything from a deep purple with black flecks to some dark brown; all fading to a delightful golden brown over time.

Jatoba -- A characteristically hard timber, Jatoba has rich pink/reddish brown colors that deepen with age.

Merbau -- Additionally one of the hardest species you are able to choose, Merbau has interesting characteristics in regards to colour. The heartwood colour is yellowish or more of a orange brownish -- darkening to reddish brown over time- but the yellow tones change if the wood is restored or sanded, leaving a type of golden finish.

Thursday, 30 August 2018


Homes with hardwood floors are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful properties around, and hardwood floors is also highly practical. But whilst it's very durable, as time passes by it may start to look a little worn, and this might leave you facing a dilemma.

If they believe that wooden flooring has had its day, many individuals automatically assume that they need to invest in entirely new flooring. This isn't necessarily the case, however, as there are a few amazing professionals out there who can breathe new life back into floor, restoring it to its natural beauty.

Even though some DIY fans may initially think they will have the ability to restore the look of floorboards by investing in a couple of products in the local DIY store, it will quickly become apparent that the task is not that easy.

A specialist will have the ability to restore your flooring back to its beautiful best easily however, and they are trained to take care of unique kinds of wood, from oak to ash. In addition to bringing your flooring back to life, an expert may also treat flooring so that future tear and wear is kept to a minimal.

Let the professionals prolong the life of your hardwood floors, and revel in a beautiful looking home for a lot more.

Monday, 24 July 2017

What is it to have a hardwood flooring?

An appealing wood flooring options ensure long lasting and made by the highest standards of quality - this is what leads our company to make such satisfactory results. There is a huge options available in our company palette because we want our customers to have the most unique wood floors that exist. Enormous wood design ideas could be used to create a beautiful look to your property. We love our job and we are always providing the best services. Several layering options will enhance the look and appearing from the sample to amazing . Our wooden options, include oak, pine, mahogany and walnut wood come in parquet and panels to be used to enhance your home or office floors. A good reason to polish, renovate or to start sanding your hardwood floors is to fresh up the wood which have being hidden under carpet for an years! We’ll give them a totally new look by repairing and replacing old or damaged timber or any other process your floor need to look classy again! 
We can guarantee you that there’s nobody better qualified to help than us. We offer professional, specialist in wood floor restoration services. Our firm use only the finest quality materials and we do best work for our clients. Finishing on time and repairing of all types of floors is something we do best! Our goal is to provide high quality wood floor sanding and finishing services to residential and business customers  in whole London area at affordable prices! Whether you're a domestic or corporate customer we bring the same professionalism, passion , modern materials and equipment to the job ! Our skilled experts are trained to the highest standards and if you would like to go ahead - contact us to find more on our website or to book your assessment online!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Yeading Floor Sanding

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